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Full Version: To Locate One Another
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I'm starting this thread because I met so many wonderful people at the VAMPS shows/in the line waiting and never got the chance to exchange addresses/phone numbers/email addy's. So here is the place for you to give your info out, only if you want to. Even if you just want to put your name or even the person your looking for here that is fine. I will start. This is my info for any who want it. Please no prank crap. I don't have the time for that. This is serious, I want to keep in contact with all my friends I made!

1-620-846-0499 (cellphone I have unlimited texts so text away!)
I live in Kansas, USA so anyone outside of the US I dunno can we still text each other?!?
I hope everyone finds their friends they made Icon_heart
Yumeko aka Elizabeth
Farmington Hills, Michigan
Such a great idea, Mel. LOL. I need to do this on our VAMPS comm. *smacks own hand* Bad me. Oh well, I'll add myself here for anyone who wants to track me down.

480-612-3972 (I have unlimited texts so hit me up!)
name lavonne ^^



Sydney, Australia
I went to the NY and Baltimore lives~ but anyone can add me if they want. just mention that you got my info here ^^
Teresa (I speak spanish! :-D I also try with English) from Mexico City
I was the crazy one with the white dress and curly wig on LA, at SD I only had fangs and recorded some people in the line X-D
I almost don't use msn, but just in case... (here I use gTalk)

Hope to find Talia!!!!

Yahoo: tracy_coder02

Cell #: 606.226.8556

I'm usually always around somewhere but I talk to ALOT of people so if you message me and I dont respond right away i promise i'm not ignoring you Icon_blaugh
Paul McGuire
AIM: Pedro3421
I had so much fun with you all!! So here is my contact info: for photo sharing or just chatting! I will be returning to the states on december so maybe we can see each other at a concert again? We could even plan the larc 2011 concert xD!

Name: Mirta Arizola

I went to all 4 of the east coast shows, and organized the East Cost Loves VAMPS! Fan book project, haha~.

Missy (Melissa)
New York
(you can find me on Facebook via this way, if you'd like.)
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