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Full Version: Opening bands?
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This thread is obviously mostly for speculation purposes. Since, as far as I know, there have been no opening acts announced... who do you want to see opening up for VAMPS on this tour?

Japanese, American, whatever... Maybe you're from the area of a particular show and know a band who you think would be great to open for them at that show? Whatever your thoughts. I'm just curious. ^^

Let the speculation begin!
MONORAL Icon_biggrin
And...umm..that's all I can think of so far Icon_xp
Haha, that would be kind of awesome.

Personally, I was thinking maybe echostream for NYC and [geist] for Baltimore? And I don't know enough about the West Coast scene to say anything about over there.
Ideally / Fantasy world:

Another L'Arc solo - Ken, acid andoid, etc ...

Slightly more realistic:


Outside of that:

No opening act ...
I guess Monoral or one of the L'Arcers.

Other than that I don't know/don't care. I don't really listen to indie rock music so I'm too not familiar with non-famous bands. So, hopefully a good band whomever that may be.

Personally, I'd prefer no opening band. I'm not really going to the concert to see anyone else, and I'm not interested in seeing anyone else.

But Sonar says "VAMPS with special guests TBA" so I guess there will be an opening band.
I'll admit that I'd also rather not see an opening band either. I mean, if MONORAL isn't available or something, and they had to go with an American indie band I've never heard of, then thank you >.>;;;

lol for ~fantasy world~ wishes XD I'd love to see crazy Ken or aa toooo Icon_xd
Ok, since everyone is dreaming.....I would love to see SID. However, they are already touring Japan at this time.
Well, if we're going totally fantasy, I wouldn't mind seeing Pink Floyd opening.

Ha, but that's never going to happen. Would be awesome though. Icon_heart

Maybe some type of Jrock influenced band? They might appeal to fans more.
I'd love to see Monoral open for them
I'm thinking that since the baltimore show is before otakon the opening band could be one of Otakon's sunday bands, u know like a preview and if u like what u hear there u may end up going to Otakon as wel..
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