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Full Version: Portland tonight!!!
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I'm so excited for tonight!

I just drove past the venue about 30 minutes ago and there wasn't anyone there yet so I decided to go get lunch :)

also, it's hotter outside than I had hoped for...

Update: ok now there's people here. I think I recognize some from yesterday.
Thanks for the update! we're still down near salem, cleaning the house before we can leave! then we're headed to hottopic and then up towards you :D
Have fun! Rock out!!
Hope VAMPS aren't too tired, doing 2 shows in a row, but I guess they're used to it, they do it in Japan. ^^;
They didn't look tired to me :)

If anything they might have seemed a little more energetic!
Didn't look tired to me either!

Just got home a bit ago... still wired.

These guys rock so hard! Being squished and sweaty (Hyde kept saying 'it's too fucking hot!') and pushed forward every few moments it was so worth standing in line the extra time and standing there waiting because they were so amazing! And all three of the guys of front looked right at me, my sister touched all of them, lol and yes... they're all sexy, the drummer had his shirt off at the end :D sexy sexy men.

And trouble live was AWESOME
Just got home 30 mins or so ago...and damn!! I'm so happy right now...I think I'll post how the show was tomorrow..because I'm still in shock that I actually saw Hyde & K.A.Z> OMG! ...Hyde's English was sooo cute X__X
-does a random wave to everyone- hiii, i'm sure most of you saw me, i was the weirdo walking back and form all in black with the bells twinkling and coercing you all into signing the banner... ah good times :D

Oh, and one more note for anyone going to the other shows who's reading this

I heard from some of the staff that the t-shirts were lost. So... if you found a box of t-shirts... Send them to vamps! lol, but yea, don't expect to be able to buy t-shirts at the concerts unless they have more sent in from Japan because they were all lost.

I think i'll post that note sumwhere that others can see too..

you guys all rock so hard :D this show was awesome
I don't think I'm ever going to recover from seeing this show...especially Hyde, since he's one of my heros. It still feels so unreal...

Oh, and I saw you all at the show! I would have said hi, but I'm antisocial like that. =/ lol

I'm just upset they didn't play Time Goes By or I Gotta Kick Start Now...I was really looking forward to hearing those songs LIVE. I thought they were like MUST-PLAY songs or something. Too bad.
I saw you too! lol I don't think any of you would remember...but I was the one with the faded orange-red hair standing in line in front of that front of some I wanted them to do Vampire Depression, because I loooove that song...but I think just seeing Hyde & K.A.Z in front of me was already too much!! Ah!
I was the one with her^^ my sister lol. We were getting attacked by ants and bees the whole time in line lol. And the banner looked really cool, I was very happy to sign it ^_^
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