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Full Version: Warped Opinions (How was it?)
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(07-30-2009, 03:26 PM)missykitty Wrote: [ -> ]
(07-30-2009, 01:27 PM)mamikochan Wrote: [ -> ]do you think the time had anything to do with the crowd at Hartford? one might think that seasoned musicians such as VAMPS wouldn't be at the very start of the day, but maybe mid-afternoon, and some who would have gone hadn't arrived yet. if only they had been able to announce the playing schedule ahead of time. o.O?

speculation around the forum certainly would have made one think a later time slot. i know that old pros or not, to american rock fans they are basically as unknown as the kids playing in my neighbors basement. a fact i am hoping that even this small bit of exposure at WARPED will help alleviate. 8)

The time might have had something to do with it... the location of the stage could have been a factor too. I think in Columbia the stage was more in your face, while in Hartford it was sort of out of the way and not as many people randomly passed by. :/

Yeah, I know some people though VAMPS weren't playing until later and even missed them! :( It's how Warped Tour is though, you never know what time a band is playing. I'm just glad they weren't the FIRST band, because even I wasn't there at 11:15am when bands started. x_x

I do hope Warped Tour helped expose some people to VAMPS too!!! \o/ We can only hope for the best, but I definitely have a good feeling and am glad they played Warped. (Those fans they were selling helped too. I used mine all day to block out the sun, and a few people asked me about VAMPS~!!!)
that's kinda what i was guessing then. * nods*

lol the fans! Icon_biggrin i got rushed on thru the autograph line by Ai at Sonar cause i had a Monthly VAMPS in hand, even tho' i wanted to buy another cd to get signed instead. so when i came out, i really wanted a couple of the fans for Lane and me 'cause of the heat. the big security guy took my $4, stepped in and got me 2. i guess he took one look at my red face, pale and sweat drenched everything else and took pity on an old lady. ^ ^ was a lifesaver until i finally gave in and went back to the hotel for a break. the heat just drained me completely. and i kinda looked like this smiley...Icon_redface...Icon_rolleyes...Icon_lol
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