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Full Version: 50+ LINED UP ALREADY...!!!
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One of my friend just went to the venue of NY live,
there have 50 or more lining up there already,
some say they lined since thursday...

Wow, already 50 people for VAMPS? Those people are crazy. There is no way I could camp out all night in line.

VAMPS + American Street Team +

*omv* Wow...that's so hardcore! But really cool too... ;)

- H.P.
wow i might wanna show up sooner 4 mine....but the venue doesnt alow waiting like that hmmn.... i feel sick
I wanna do early too, like last time in sf..
but i heard something, diru last live in LA, some ppl line up quite early, but one night there are
some gangs showed up..they just break the line, but after that, the line back to normal..= =

i was thinking should i buy a personal alarm when i camping out of venue
since i saw the "safty" posted under baltimore show.
lol hmmn safy first i guess. i have tasers peper spray n guns.... just need ta check out gun laws over in seattle
Icon_crying Icon_crying Icon_crying Icon_crying Icon_crying the time I get there, it'll probably go around the block or something.. Icon_gonk
well if it like 5 now n there were over 0 at 12 yeah your not ganna be in the first parta the line... or maybe there r not so many semi diehards out there
It's all cuz of those two little words, that so far no other venue has heard: SOLD OUT!

Aaand it's New York! The city that never sleeps!
There will be diehards in every city, but perhaps not as many as 50.
Allthough this news starts to make everyone rethink their line joining time, some other cities don't allow line forming till the day of.
Nevertheless, I hope that this "kickstarts" the tour off right for VAMPS!
They'll hear about this and get sooo pumped!


Oh my goodness. LOL So i guess i need to get a move on.
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