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Full Version: NY fans introductions
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Lame title I know! but since people suggested this here I go.

My name is Mirta, I'm coming from Peru, and I'm going to be one of the NY ST leaders. I'll be wearing a NY Street Team T-shirt (each leader has a venue t-shirt ^^) and it says Mirta in the back ^^ and has a cute bunny next to it.

Here is my photo although I just cut my hair my face looks the same Icon_blaugh No stalking pls! (J/k Icon_domokun)

[Image: n528009473_1313349_2867777.jpg] From the last time I went to NY lol~

You can shout Mirta or just Usagi ! I answer to any of them =P
My name is Melissa, but I respond to Missy so feel free to call me that! 8D I'll be wearing my ST shirt most of the day, I believe - I made it myself, and it says MISSY on the back.

I'll be going around the line with the fanbook most of the day, so I'll probably stop and see all of you at one point, haha. If I don't, feel free to just come up to me~. Icon_heartbeat

I recently cut my hair about 14 inches, so it's pretty short now... and redder. XD I dyed it too, for cosplay for Otakon~.

[Image: 58109881866213455801713.jpg]

See you there. :)
Name's Elyssa, and i will be traveling from Sydney, Australia to see the NY and Baltimore lives!
Im actually leaving today so i cant really go off and find a picture to post. But im pretty tall, really long blonde hair, and pale, and if you here someone with an accent it most probably be me LOL
Cant wait to talk to many of you in the line :D
My name is Kim, but you can just call me Saph.
I'm from Long Island, NY. =D I'll be trying to get on line some time Saturday morning.
Uh, I'm not posting a picture, but I have dark hair, and I'll be wearing a Laruku T-shirt from AYR 2007 tour.
I'm not part of the ST or anything, but I hope to meet lots of other awesome fans while waiting on line. ^_____^
Hey, I'm Lin. I'm a local so I'll just be taking a 20 minute train ride lol
You can call me Lin or Linette. I'll be the one with mini skirt, boots, tank top and looks like this

[Image: fall07_bubbaf.jpg]

If I look serious please don't be scared I'm just a New Yorker lol.
:D I'm Maya...and since I live in New York, all I gotta do is take the train~ :P

Eh, I'm too lazy to put a picture, but I'll be the one wearing all black. :D With purple and yellow wristbands...and a cat on my head. ^ ^ (Although for some reason the cat has that may change. o -o)
Hello There I'm María and I´m from Mexico City, is my first time in NY and in a Hyde-sama's live kyaa
I'll be wearing a Handmade T-shirt whith Hyde-sama in the front and Hyde-sama´s wings in the back. I'm going with my mom and a friend of mine.

here I am: my hair is longer now:

[Image: 223857.jpg]
I'm Augustina but most people call me Tina. I'm coming from Boston. I'll be wearing my ST shirt and will be hanging out with Missy's group. ^^

[Image: 6208_1021918605746_1758653270_40780_4636416_n.jpg]
Everyone (who posted pics) is so cute! I love your hair color Missy!!
I'm ironing my ST team t-shirt right now *_*
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