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(07-30-2009, 09:00 PM)celeste_ Wrote: [ -> ]Hahah I remember that! I probably wasn't helping because I was standing there watching people sign the book! Oh well! XD
Well, the pictures of the book are from after we got it signed. Not everyone got to sign it... I'd say it got 2/3 of the way down the line. I wish we'd had more time, but people were writing more in it I think and it was just going way slower down the line. The banner made it to the end but then people kept coming and coming! At some point we just had to say sorry to the people who were showing up so late and just rolled it up. And then I snatched up the book and ran up to the front as soon as the venue staff showed up and gave it to them and got back to my spot in line!

Oh and we tied MadSerena's gift to the banner... she came all the way from Chile and I wanted to make sure that VAMPS got her little present since she had come so far for them! Icon_biggrin
wow, kudos for all of the hard work! the banner looked great with all of those signatures and i loved the Thank You book. i'm sure VAMPS did too.Icon_biggrin

i'm hoping they will put all of those banners at least on the dvd somewhere. how cool would that look to have the all strung up on a big wall together? would be awesome to say the least! Icon_heart
Thank you!!

I really hope they do too! It would be really cool to see all the banners from all the shows! They got a lot of signatures and messages and drawings, between them all!
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