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Full Version: Important info for Portland attendees!!!
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VAMPS-tastic news for all you Portland ticket holders! Although there won't be an autograph session in Portland, you can attend the autograph session in Seattle. As long as you have your tickets to the show in Portland, you can attend the Autograph session/Meet 'n Greet event in Seattle. Portland and Seattle, from my understanding, aren't very far from each other. Just make you you have prinouts of your tickets, or you physical tickets if they had been mailed to you. You will not be able to attend the session if you DO NOT HAVE tickets!!

Here's some more information about the meet 'n greet session:

Sunday, July 19th
Venue : SHOWBOX At The Market
Location : 1426 1st Ave Seattle WA 98101
Time : 2:00pm

The autograph/meet 'n greet session is on a "first come, first serve" basis. As far as I am concerned, at this time, there will be no "separate line" for the meet 'n greet. Which is to say that if you're in line early for the concert, you'll get to meet the band. I'm not sure at this time of any more specific details such as how many people will be able to meet the band. Maybe the first 100 or so? Don't quote me on that because I am still awaiting confirmation. Good luck and have fun to those who will attend the show/autograph session!!

Much VAMPS-love,


If you do not have your tickets for the Portland/Seattle shows, you can go here to purchase them:


*Please note: if you plan on purchasing tickets so you can attend the concert and autograph session, I would recommend that you print out your tickets so you can have them in time for July 19th.
Awesome! i knew it was practically impossible to do a meet and greet in Portland, so this is the next best thing :D

i'll wait for more details...
Yay, I'm happy for MadSerena and anyone else who this applies to! :D
:( I know I should be happy since this is obviously good news, but I feel just awful. (I'm not able to go all the way to Seattle)

Is this their way of saying "we feel sorry for all you Portland people so come to Seattle to meet us"? Just because Seattle is "so close" to Portland? Is it like this with any other venues? If you don't get a meet and greet at your show, there'll be one at the nearest show?

I feel cheated. >_<

I know how you feel. When i've read about an autograph session in Seattle i wanted a meet and greet in Portland too...then I started to think and i realized is was practically impossible to do it, for the following reasons:

-Before the show: there's no time. They should perform in Seattle on the night before, so i think they will travel to Portland on the same day of the concert...keep in mind that it takes a lot of time to install the equipment and stage decoration, and then they have to do the rehearsal. I think the poor guys will barely have time to rest and eat (and drink hohoho) between Seattle and Portland shows, no there's no chance of autograph signing.
-Immediately after the show: they'll be EXHAUSTED. They may look great, but they're not teenagers anymore...i don't want another case like Michael Jackson, thanks.
-The day after the show: they have to rent a place to do it, that costs a lot of money and there's no time to book a place.

Soooo i wrote to Neu Bauhaus and proposed them this solution, so fans of Portland won't feel left out...I don't know if they did this because of me, though. I know it's kinda impractical, even i may not going to make it to Seattle, but i still think it's the next best thing, if we can't have a local meet and greet.
BTW, they're doing the same thing for San Diego.
I'm very sorry if you feel cheated Icon_crying
They're doing the same thing for San Diego? I didn't know that. I guess that's a little more comforting... *sighs*
(07-07-2009, 05:07 PM)VAMPS-Angel Wrote: [ -> ]They're doing the same thing for San Diego? I didn't know that. I guess that's a little more comforting... *sighs*
Yes, and there's no news about a meet and greet in Las Vegas either.

I think it was very nice of them to do autograph sessions, considering that they don't usually do things like this in Japan...sadly, it was mostly a last hour decision and they had to leave some venues out, due to their tight schedule.
I understand that some fans will feel disappointed, because they paid the same amount of money for their tickets and they won't have autographs, but i'm sure they are doing the best they can in order to please their fans... some things just aren't possible.

The Portland show will probably be the most intimate one, since it's the smallest venue. So they're going to be right in front of us, anyway Icon_biggrin
Oh yes I completely forgot about that! (and not to mention how LOW the stage is!!) haha

But one thing I just realized, there are five days between the Portland show and the San Francisco show. Are they really in that big of a hurry to leave Portland for a show that is five days in the future? I just can't believe they won't have time to meet fans in Portland. *confused*