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Full Version: Need a roommate in Las Vegas!! Hilton, 59/room/night
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Hi there, I already booked a room in Hilton for July 26, 27 and 28. It's a nice double queen room, 59/night plus tax. But my roommate changed her plan to join the seattle concert so I have to find a new roommate.

Anyone who is looking for a room in LV, pls contact me. You don't need to stay all the 3 days with me, 2 days is also OK. I just need someone to share room and maybe share the cab fee from Hard Rock to Hilton.

My E-mail:
;o; i tried emailing you but never got a response. hope you are fine! Im still hoping to find a roomie! arriving tonight (sunday) in vegas and going on to lower cali shows. sadly none of my friends from the first tour are coming this time and im all alone and kinda poor lol. dont worry, i will definitely help pay for room!!!