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Full Version: venue and hotel info needed
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Hi everyone!

I was wondering if anyone has any insight to how the area is where the concert is located?

I may be flying in from the east to see them in Portland and I was curious. Also any hotel information would be helpful. I was thinking of staying close to the airport and getting a taxi to the venue.

Thanks for helping!!
I'm not local, but as an obsessive tourist, i've gathered some information:

Web page of the includes photos, a map and directions

If you want to use public transportation

About hotels: i made a post, where i recommend a couple of economic places.

If you're ok with staying in the airport area, there's a lot of other choices, anyway (check TripAdvisor)
PS: with a friend, we're doing a favor to a person in Oregon. Maybe that person will help me to accommodate some fellow VAMPS fans. Stay tuned
The area where the venue is located is kind of a "hip" area of town. It's not downtown, but in an area with a lot of little stores and restaurants and stuff.

If you want to stay by the airport, there's plenty of hotels over there, but that's not a very exciting part of town. Pretty much all that's over there is the airport. :)
It might be better (and cheaper) to find a hotel room elsewhere in town (especially if you're going to stay long enough to see some of Portland) and then take the cab to/from the airport.

I live in Portland so feel free to ask my any questions! I hope you decide to come here!!