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Full Version: Hotels for $40.00 a night (with 2 double beds)
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When checking, I found many hotels for under $50.00 a night! Sharing with 3 other people, you can stay two nights in Las Vegas for $25.00 each!. Big hotels on the strip like Excalibur, Luxor, Tropicana... hope to see you all there...
wow! that is really cheap!! Thanks for the info.
ohhhhh that's really good!!
I'm seriously thinking to going to Las Vegas!!
You are so nice to us! Icon_heart Thanks for the info ^__^!
I can't stand it anymore.....I am going to add Vegas to my S.D. and L.A. show plans. San Fran is just not doable though.....sigh.
hey thanks so much for the information...
Icon_coolIcon_cool .. Las Vegas... XD
Damn, that's really cheap!! You guys are lucky! xD
A place that cost $50 a night in NYC would be really shady... >_>;
Wooh, that's amazing XD

Thanks J!
In case anyone wanted to know, the Sahara Hotel & Casino's only $27/night (for their Standard room on most of the days in July).
thank you so much for the information, J! i'll be staying at the luxor ;)
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