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Full Version: Places to stay in Portland
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*As many of you may know, I'm from Chile and i'm pretty sure i'm not the only one from another state/country that is going to the awesome gig in Beervana Portland, OR.

This is my first time in the Nortwest area but i've gathered some information, since i'm staying for 6 days up there. There's a lot of places where you can stay in Portland (just check TripAdvisor, but i'll mention a couple of really economic options:

1.- Hawthorne Hostel : it belongs to Hostelling International, but you really don't need a permanent membership if you want to stay there. According to many reviews, the place is really clean and safe...and they have 2 private rooms (they are more expensive, of course). If the maps are correct, this hostel is just a few block away from the venue! :D

2.- Jupiter Hotel : If hostelling isn't your thing but you don't have much money. It's not as close to the venue as the first one, but it's still located in the SE area. If i trust the reviews, this place is a little noisy but it could be a great thing if you want to have some fun Icon_cool. Rooms are clean and have a nice modern decoration. If you check in after midnight, you can get rooms from $59 plus tax. Icon_3nodding

3.- If you're curious, i'm staying in the Holiday Inn Express NW Downtown, because, with my boyfriend, we wanted a quiet place near downtown and Pearl District...this hotel has a nice price/quality/location/public transportation relation but it's relatively far from the venue. Here's the webpage of this hotel anyway

Of course, locals are welcomed to offer their bedrooms for free post some info too

I almost forgot: you must hurry up with the reservations. I've seen some places (mostly small Bed&Breakfast) that already don't have room availibility for the date of the concert O_o
I found two nice Bed and Breakfast, with rooms still available, relatively near the venue:

- Everett Street Guesthouse

- A Painted Lady Inn

Good Bed and Breakfasts are very homey and you can skip lunch because breakfast can be huge. You have to ask about room details, though, if you don't want to share a bathroom with a stranger.