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Full Version: NYC attendees?
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Let's face it. New York rocks. VAMPS rocks. We all knew they were stopping in NYC.

This tour is kicking off right here at Irving Plaza. Who else is gonna be there to get this party started good and proper? ^_^
Haha, you know I'm gonna be there. ;)

I'm so happy their first US stop is New York though! I love seeing a band either for their first show or last show. First is gonna be fun. Icon_heart

Can't wait!
Anyone have any idea when the Fillmore Irving Plaza show tickets are going to go up on sale? I've been checking everyday and don't see anything yet.
anyone else coming from Boston to see them?
No idea when tickets will be on sale, but I'm constantly checking. *_* I hope they go on sale soon, I mean they should... :/
I'm going to NY! (As soon as I get a ticket) I'm so happy they choose the east coast! If there's a banner signing or something like that let me know Icon_heart.

Nice to meet you!
I'm also going to New York! :) I'm so glad they're doing some East Coast shows, I was worried I wouldn't get to see them on this tour.

I've seen shows at the Irving Plaza before, and I really liked the venue, so I'm pretty excited about this.
I'm going!
I can't believe they're coming to NYC~ Ah finally my dreams come true. Seeing hyde live!
I'm so excited~

BTW I'm organizing a fan project for VAMPS
GO here:
I'm planning to go to NYC, I just need the darn tickets! I'm so happy I don't have to fly to CA again...but it was a fun mini vacation though!
(04-05-2009, 10:25 AM)visualgurl Wrote: [ -> ]anyone else coming from Boston to see them?

BOSTON! A Jrock fan from Boston!!!! Can I glomp you just for that? XD I'm in Boston for school so I've been there since September, and I've found maybe... 3 local Jrock fans. Even at the Dir en grey and BLOOD shows. >.>

Yay for so many NYC people. ^_^
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