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... it's time to come out of the woodworks! I know there are more people out there who are going to come to the Portland show, so start showing your faces!

I am becoming distressed :)

I've got flyers that are coming from Ai soon, and I also made some myself that have the Portland show info on them. I've printed a few on my home printer, but I ordered a LOT (1000) online to be printed and shipped to me, in hot pink and bright yellow so they will be eye-catching.

(If someone wants to print more of my flyers, I can post the image I used somewhere.)

I need help thinking of places to put them. On my side of town, there's the Uwajimaya Asian grocery store which has a lobby in the front with lots of free asian newspapers and magazines and stuff. Then inside is the Kinokuniya bookstore, where I am hoping I can put one in the window and drop off a bunch for people to take.
Every Starbucks has a bulletin board with random stuff on it, so I'll be putting some around various ones while I feed my coffee habit.
I'm sure PSU has some sort of cultural center or something with billboards for this sort of thing. I have a friend who goes there so I will ask him about that.
There's lots of music stores where I might be able to put some.

Come on, Portland people! Where else can I put flyers? Who wants to help me place some? I'm on the west side (Beaverton) - is there anyone over in SE Portland or downtown who knows of good places to put them?

Any other Portland show-related ideas?

I'm working on a banner and a thank you card, and I've got at least one other thing planned as sort of a surprise, but I could really use some help, and some acknowledgment that more than 5 people are coming to this show! LOL

I've got a Facebook Event set up for it - if you're coming, please RSVP there! (and tell your friends!)

EDIT: I've got pictures of the flyers that I made - they arrived from the printers a few days ago:
[Image: 4446_107735419281_587779281_2789600_7802149_n.jpg]

[Image: n587779281_2789607_5693335.jpg]

They're much brighter than they look. Especially the pink. It's seriously neon. I already placed some in the lobby at Uwajimaya and on the table-o-flyers at the Kinokuniya bookstore.

If there's anyone in the area who wants some of these so they can put them up, just send me a PM and I will get some to you right away!

Thanks guys!
-celeste_ Icon_heart Icon_domokun
Yeah...i'm also sure there are more of you
please, don't be afraid and show up...i'm really shy and i'm still showing my terrible english skills here, so there's no excuse XD
Seriously, we really need to start doing some heavy promotion and it's a lot of work for just a single fan. I'm living like...near the South Pole, so i really can't help Celeste with the flyers.
Definitely around Portland State University. We've got a huge Japanese population of students... most don't even know about VAMPS coming to Portland. I bet you could probably hook up a lot of interested peeps there.
I'm a little worried about people not seeing the PSU flyers due to school having *just* ended for the summer. Hopefully some people will have stayed in town. :-/
Hey who went to Uwajimaya and put a poster up (and the little flier cards) at Kinokuniya? Because that's awesome! I hadn't been in a few days and I actually stopped there this afternoon for groceries (and to spy on my flyers) and then I saw the Vamps poster in the window! I've been waiting and waiting to get some actual posters in the mail so I could take them one, but now I can cross Kinokuniya off the list :)
Do you have comic book stores that also sell manga and anime? That would be a good place. The anime lovers will know Hyde from L'arc's theme for Fullmetal Alchemist. There's also a good chance that the manga and anime lovers will have dipped into J-Rock. That's how I became an Addict.
You've read my other post xD Thanks to Alicia I'm going! But I can help with flyers near ~ northern portland ? Near Fubonn and some places at the south west vancouver area mall (: I occasionally go to downtown so I can help whenever I'm down there! I'll send you a PM! (:
Thanks so much for your help samoon!!! :D