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Full Version: Just 2 hours drive from Seattle...
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This Portland show is just 2 hours away from Seattle, but a much smaller venue. We wanted to give people in the North West a chance to see a big show in Seattle and a small show in Portland... both will be rockin' and unique!

So who is going?
me and tracy of course!!! ^_^
My fiance and I will be there for sure since we live in Portland! We might go to the Seattle show too.
I'm so happy that VAMPS decided to come to Portland. They're going to *love* the Hawthorne Theater!

Edited to add: I should note that it's really more like 3.5 hours from Seattle to Portland. I'm sure it could be done in 2 hours but that would be highly illegal. ;)
Anyone going to Portland, from Seattle, and back? Please give me a PM or email Icon_heart
many thanks for the indo J..
Just 2 hours drive from Seattle...
I'm going with my boyfriend...if i don't have any problems with TicketsWest. Online purchases from such a far country (Chile), makes me wary; i really hope i'll get those tickets shipped soon, because i already got the airline tickets *pulls hair out*

Aw , my tickets couldn't be shipped home; apparently, TicketsWest has problems with international shipping. Anyway, i called them and they suggested me to place my tickets on Will Call, which i did... the guy i talked to was very nice and patient (bad english is bad) and he assured me that Will Call system is totally safe (specially since i have the e-mail with the confirmation code and my credit card was charged).
So i think i can relax now *glues hair back on*
I was so happy when I saw Portland listed! Seattle usually gets more shows than we do, so I was absolutely thrilled when PDX popped up. I wasn't sure if I would have been able to go to Seattle, and that would not have been very VAMPStastic, lol.

And just to second Celeste, the time between Seattle and Portland is more like 3+ hours.... 2 would be amazing. Hihihi. ;)

Anyway, definitely count me in for the Portland show! My tickets just arrived in my mailbox last Friday. *_*

So I've never been to the Hawthorne Theatre before, what's the venue like?
Anyone plan to drive from Seattle to Porland? I really want to carpool.
Please contact me.
The Hawthorne theater has a maximum capacity of about 600 people I think.
If you go to there's a page where you can see pictures of the inside!

(My Portland tickets showed up today! Yay!)